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    10 Best Beaches To Visit For A Memorable Vacation

    10 Best Beaches To Visit For A Memorable Vacation

    One vacation in a beach can be a lifelong memory. Basking in the sun and waking along the shore while the waves gently touch your feet can be an amazing exit from the chaos and stress of your work life. 

    Most beaches are beautiful in general, housing sceneries that can be worth gazing all day, but each one is unique and exquisite in their own way.

    A visit to Hawaii might energize you but Malibu is only a 30 minute drive from Los Angeles, the easiest way to escape the city.

    Planning your next trip?? Confused where to start and where to go? We got you covered, here we have a list of 10 best beaches for you to plan your next vacation.


    The 10 most beautiful beaches in the world



     10. Best beaches- Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands

    With scenes that can take your breath away, Caribbean Islands are one of the sought after places to spend your time.

    One of the most affordable destination in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico will not disappoint you. Don’t let the price tag fool you.


    With palm tree lined beaches and rich waters, visitors have over 270 miles to explore. An exciting blend of sceneries, from the mystic jungles of El Yunque to the deep mysterious caves of Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy.


    9. Best beaches- Treasure beach, Jamaica 

    It’s like a festival in Jamaica all the time.  A long stretch of two miles in northwest will keep you occupied for twenty four hours.

    If you want to take a tour, take a peek at the sleepy fishing villages located at each of them, you can also dive into the oceans to enjoy some amazing sea life and swimming along the untouched rocky shores.


    A bit understated, the local community are amazing to say the least. Artists and writers flock the locality and make up for unique cultural beauty.


    8. Best beaches- Matira Beach, Tahiti


    A travel bug will jump at the name of Tahiti and their eyes will sparkle if they hear matira Beach.
    One of the most famous destinations in French Polynesia, Matira’s mile long stretch of silky white sand and shallow emerald lagoon is a sight to behold.
    Backed by a thick curtain of palms and tropical foliage, Matira is one of the only public access beaches in the Bora Bora.
    No need to pay insane prices to bask in it’s beauty, if you want to enjoy Matira beach its on a first come first serve basis.


     7. Best beaches- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


    A look into the Southern side of things, we land in the country where Samba rules hearts and Christ the Redeemer welcomes you along.
    The capital of the vibrant Brazil, there’s always a party somewhere in Rio’s beautiful beaches. 
    The two most known beaches, Ipanema and Copacabana, stretch two miles long and can hold hundreds of sun enthusiasts at any point of time.
    That together with the views of Sugarloaf Mountain make it an unforgettable beach experience and rightfully deserves a spot in the list. 
    Moving in the city, Rio is home to a culture like no other with houses painted in vibrant colors. 

    You can find kids with a ball and wearing a shirt saying Neymar or Pele in every corner of the city.

    6. Best beaches- San Sebastian, Spain

    When it comes to San Sebastian's beaches its’ all about quality. Uniquely located in the middle of the city, the beach houses tourists from all across Europe.
    The sea shelled beach has garnered interest and made San Sebastian a must visit city for beach lovers.

    The nearby Playa La Zurriola is a beautiful beach spot and its culinary offerings are enough to put you into trance. The beach is a detour from the normal Basque culture and a cultural experience that will cement itself in your memories.


    5. Best beaches- The Miami


    If you are looking for a Party there are few places better than the Miami Beach.
     Awash with nightlife and galore, Miami is home to the famous South Beach which is pretty well known for attracting the “party people”.

    If you are looking for something more peaceful head over to the north for its calm waters and less crowded sands.


    4. Best Beaches- El Nido

    A bit of an underdog in a travelers mind, Palawan beaches remain under the radar even though ranking very highly among enthusiasts.
    El Nido is one of the few rare places in the world which houses around 50 white sand beaches, each of them different and will give you a headache just to choose one.

    All the beaches are set around limestone formations and boast the whitest sand you’ll ever see. The water is blindingly blue and eclipses the Caribbean Sea in comparison and the sunsets will ruin your life.


    3. Best beaches- The Sunset Beach, Hawaii

    Very fitting to its name the Sunset Beach in Hawaii is famous for high wave surfing in the winters (Home to Vans Triple Crown).
    The sunsets in the beach are the main tourist attraction for visitors and have garnered people just to get a gaze.
    With water calm as lakes, the sunset beach is an excellent snorkeling ground for people in the summer.


     2. Best beaches- Bali

    10 _best_beaches_Sanur_Beach_Bali_Indonesia 
    By far the islands most artistic possession, crustal clear blue waters, white sands and cinematic sunsets are stories of everyday here. 

    Icing on the cake?? Beach access is easy and without restrictions and top quality suits can be found all over the beach shores,  towering volcanoes wrapped in a deep green canopy, sandy shores that fade into turquoise waters and curving coastlines crowned with staggered pagodas the word “Bali” is a day dream for many. 


    1. Best beaches- Maui, Hawaii


    Regarded by many as the most beautiful beaches in the Hawaii, Maui is the crown jewel among all Hawaii beaches.

    With jet black shores and thick jungle like flora Honokalani Beach is a heaven for photographers and tourists alike.

    You can just lazily lay in the sands made of time lava pebbles or you can head out to the sea side lava tubes and sea caves carved along the shore.

    The best of Hawaii under one sun and a must stop en route to Hana. While on a visit here, you can shimmy alongside professional hula dancers, golf along coastal fairways, snorkel alongside five different types of sea turtles or simply lounge along some of Hawaii's most notable beaches.

    Although we could fit only 10 names in the list there are hundreds of beaches around the world each of which beautiful in their own right.

    A trip outside your work life can be the best way to refresh a soul. Take a weekend and visit a nearby beach. 
    This can be an amazing way to energize your work and personal life and if you are planning for your next vacation, make sure to check this list for the best beaches in the world.