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    Blog — Marketing

    Ecommerce Black Friday Marketing Tips To Prepare Your Online Store

    Ecommerce Black Friday Marketing Tips To Prepare Your Online Store

    So you want to get your ecommerce store up to par for Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday.

    That’s good thinking, because each year more and more shoppers are turning to online deals instead of waiting in line at a physical store. 

    As giant chains are starting to aggressively push towards online sales rather than in-store, it only makes that they’ve done their research and online sales is the way to go.

    So what does this mean for an owner of a small to medium ecommerce store like you? It means you should prep your store for the shopping craze to take advantage of this new generation of online shoppers.

    Ecommerce Black Friday Prep

    So here are three helpful tips and ideas to get your store ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


    Tip #1: Advertise Your Store Early

     Giant big box stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy put their ads out weeks before the actual Black Friday/Cyber Monday event. This is to notify customers ahead of time so they can plan ahead of what stores to visit on the event days.

    This is for both online and in-store deals.

    You can learn from this and do the same for your online store. Take advantage of new and prospective visitors to your shop by placing a giant banner (but not annoyingly) somewhere on your store’s page, like the header.


    Show off your best deals to lure and build anticipation. Tell them to sign up for your newsletter as a reminder so you can email them the day of the events (this will also help you build your list).

    Customize your automatic “thanks for your order” emails and put something about your sales in there. Email your list.

    Do anything that lets your shoppers know you’re going to have a big sale. This will get you on their mind when the event comes.


    But you need to advertise deals that are good enough for them to remember you. So be sure to deliver. 

    Tip #2: Post On Your Social Accounts

    Put up an attractive banner showing off your deals and post it on your social accounts. Put it on Facebook. Tweet it on Twitter. PIcture it on PInterest. Pretty it up on Instagram.

    Build anticipation and show off deals that are just so amazing people will go crazy over it. That’s the key point- they have to be good enough so people will remember to come back.


    Advertising on your social accounts is a good way to let people who are already interested in your shop to come visit you.

    This is probably the most effective and best way to prepare your online store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


    Tip #3: Get Your Deals Noticed

    On the day of the events, or even beforehand, you can post your deals to deal aggregator sites like Slickdeals. These sites have millions of visitors per month.

    You can bet that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people will be looking for deals like crazy.


    Post your deals to these sites and if they’re good enough, they may get enough traction to go viral and drive traffic to your online store like no other.

    If you have good deals but no one sees them, you obviously won’t get sales. Post your deals on these sites to let people who are actively looking for deals find them.

    You have good deals, you just need to get them noticed.

     With these three tips, you should be in good shape for the shopping craze. Work them into your strategy and get those sales.

    You can’t only rely on these, but you can add them to your current plan to best prepare your ecommerce store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.