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    Ideas For Valentines - Planning The Perfect Valentine's Day

    Ideas For Valentines - Planning The Perfect Valentine's Day


    “All you need is LOVE but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”


    The company of the person you love is probably the most cherished feeling someone can experience.

    They stand with you in your joy and shield you in your sorrows and bring a smile to your face with their arrival.


    While a loving partner should be cherished and celebrated every day of your life, Valentine’s Day is something a bit more special.

    Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, to thank your better half for standing beside you when times got rough. Look beyond the commercialization of the day and celebrate the love in your life.

    However, Valentine’s Day is all about love and it is impossible to not be caught in the web. It’s enticing to spend some time and curve a beautiful evening for your mate.

    Valentine’s Day carries an aroma of love with itself and perhaps it’s more of a ritual than a gesture to make it special. But sometimes it becomes hard to plan one evening for the person who has given you so much more, don’t worry we got you covered.


    Valentine’s Day Gifts


    This is a headache for everyone. The problem isn’t lack of choices but probably too many of them. Over the years Valentine’s Day has grown into a monopoly and transforms businesses for a couple of weeks.

    There is something for everyone, from a wavering that costs a mere fifteen dollars all the way to gold ones that would make a dent in your finances. Bags, covers, cosmetics and an ocean of stuff online. But it’s the person you love and she deserves nothing less than the best.

     Although there is so much to choose from, we would recommend buying something useful and thoughtful. It is very easy to rush to a shop and buy a set of earrings or rush to Amazon and browse through watches.

     It is better to get something she can hold onto every day and use as a daily driver, and thoughtful to make her feel special and remind you.

    How about a photo frame or a mixtape, or perhaps a video collage of you guys together? An album or if you want to go the distance tickets to holidays together works great as well.

    If you are looking to gift Clothing and accessories, try a nightgown or dresses, blankets or cute sweater also suits the weather outside. Your imagination is the boundaries, be innovative and gift something surprising that will light her eyes.


    Home Decoration Ideas for Valentine’s Day


    Red roses and heart are the two universal symbols of love.  We would recommend including them in your decoration ideas for Valentines. A romantic candlelight dinner never goes out of fashion.

    A beautiful heart of roses, a lovely cushion with themed pillows and blankets are great ideas to shape up a lovely evening. Wooden love signs, thoughtful quotes on cardboards also suit the theme.

    Lights are an important part of every decoration. Try switching to Phillips Hue lights for some custom lighting for your dining and bedrooms, if they are out of your budget there are some cheaper custom options as well.

    There are a huge array of options available in Stores and Amazon for all your decoration needs. Cards, wall hanger, table decorations and anything else that we might have missed.

    If you are into DIY than Pinterest has to be your best friend this Valentine’s Day. Pinterest has amazing DIY ideas.

    From making beautiful flower vases to thoughtful albums into wallpapers, Pinterest has tons of content and themes that will suit the artist in you. Floral hearts are one of our favorites. Here are a few more you can try out.

    • Blossoming Letter Monogram
    • String Heat Picture
    • Scrabble coasters
    • Balloon Heart Backdrop
    • Sweater Heart Pillows

    Food and Drink Ideas for Valentine’s Day


    And here we come to the most important part, the food. While going out to a restaurant might be a good bet, but that really doesn’t give you the control you might want to have, not to mention most good restaurants are stacked and booked well in advance.

    We would recommend spending some time inside, under each other care and have some alone time together.

    The best way to top off a perfect evening is with drinks that go along with the occasion.
    Valentine’s Day themed drinks are quite popular and here are some of our favorites.


    1- Chocolate Margarita

    Recipe- 3 parts of chocolate milk, 1 part Sauza Silver Tequila, 1 part strawberry puree or daiquiri mix, chocolate covered strawberry.
    Experience the best of chocolate and margarita in this delicious drink. Use a tall glass to combine chocolate milk, Sauza and strawberry puree. Stir vigorously and enjoy it with chocolate covered strawberry.

    2- Cranberry Flower Cocktail

    Recipe- 2 oz Hendricks gin, .75 lemon juice, .75 simple, 2 teaspoons cranberry simple syrup, 6 cranberries.

    Add cran simple, lemon simple to lemon juice and gin. Shake and strain and enjoy in a martini glass garnished with 3 cranberries.


    3- Poire Royale

    Recipe- 1½  Hangar One Spiced Pear Vodka, ¼ oz. Mazzone, Poire Williams, ¼ oz. St Germain elderflower liqueur, ½ oz. simple syrup 2 oz. Looza pear nectar.
    Combine all the ingredients above in a shaker. Add some ice. Shake and strain everything and pour it into a martini glass. For garnish cut a Bosc pear and place it in the glass.


    4- Cranberry Flower Cocktail


    Recipe 2 oz. Hendricks gin, ¾ lemon juice, ¾ lemon simple, 2 teaspoons of simple syrup, 6 cranberries.
    Mix cranberries, add cran simple, lemon simple, juice and gin. Shake and pour into a martini glass for a delightful taste.


    Make it Count!!

    Valentine’s Day is cherished and celebrated all over the world as a day for thanking the ones you love. Although everyone celebrates the same day, it garners memories and happiness differently.

    If you are planning your next perfect Valentine’s Day make sure it lives in the memories forever. Best of luck!!!

    Benefits of Being a Vegan - Pros And Cons - Healthy Diet?

    Benefits of Being a Vegan - Pros And Cons - Healthy Diet?


    Going Vegan?? It can be a life changing Journey


    One of the more controversial topics around the internet, Veganism can be a dividing issue. Sometimes Vegans go misjudged and laughed at for their peculiar eating habits.

    It’s different and sometimes painful, going Vegan can be a steep climb both mentally and physically. However, going Vegan is a rewarding experience.


    What is Veganism?


    True Vegans describe Veganism as a “way of living” aimed to denounce all forms of exploitation and cruelty towards animals for food, clothing and any other purpose that seeks to harm them.

    However, some extremists have made the topic a lot more complicated, misinformation and unreasonable arguments.

    For example in August the Netflix series “what the health” tried selling misinformation about nonvegan diets and side effects of Eggs and meat protein. All of their claims were strictly criticized by scientists and doctors worldwide.

    Veganism on its surface is a unique and noble practice. It shows mercy and love and takes sacrifice. Veganism might be hard but presently, there are more people looking into Veganism than ever before.


    6 Benefits of going Vegan


    Being a Vegan is an extremely rewarding practice. Vegans are less likely to suffer from threatening diseases and live a longer and healthier life over the long run.

    As the diet is purely vegetable based, it drastically reduces the risk of any disease that comes along with meat protein or other non-veg diets.  


    Here are Some Benefits of Going Vegan


    1- A richer source of Nutrient-


    Switching from Western diet to Vegan diet means you are eliminating any form of meat or animal products. Your body will inevitably need to rely heavily on other sources of nutrients.

    Diets like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds replace Wester diets. Since these make up a larger portion of your meal, it can increase the nutrient intake from these foods.

    Several studies have shown that vegan diets provide more fiber, antioxidants, and plant compounds. These diets are rich in potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins.

    However, some vegan diets like fast foods are poor in nutrients and should be avoided.

    2- It is great for obesity - 


      One of the reasons why people are going vegan is to cope with obesity. Studies have proven that Vegans tend to have a lower Body mass index than non-vegans.

      In some studies, vegan diets helped the volunteers reduce four kilograms more than controlled diet for a span of weeks. Vegetarian and vegan diets are much more effective in reducing weights compared to semi-veg and western diets.

      3- Improves Kidney function and Lowers Blood Sugar Levels-


      Someone with a type 2 diabetes and improper kidney functions can also benefit from going vegan. Vegans are known to have lower blood sugar levels, higher sensitivity to insulin and 78% lower risk to type 2 diabetes.

      In some studies, about 50% of the participants were able to reduce their diabetes medication after switching to Vegan diet.

      Diabetics who substituted meat protein with plant protein were found to reduce the risk poor kidney functions.



      4- Vegan Diet can Protect Against Cancer-


      According to WHO (World Health Organization), one-third of all the cancers in the world can be prevented by controlling our diet. Eating legumes can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 9-18%.

      Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day can reduce the risk of cancer by 15%.

      Most Vegans consume diets rich in legumes, vegetables, and fruits than non veg eaters.

      This also corresponds to studies which prove vegans are fifteen percent less likely to die from cancer than non-vegans.

      For more information on Vegan diets click below! 

      Veganism Found to Be the Best Diet for Weight Loss


      5- Eating Veggies lowers risk of heart disease-

        Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and fiber lead to a considerable decrease in heart diseases. Observational studies found that people consuming more vegan diets are up to 75% less likely to develop higher blood pressure and resulting in heart diseases.

        Some studies even found Vegan diets are much more effective in reducing blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels.



        6- The Perfect Vegan Diet


        Any vegan diet tends to be better than Western diets but the perfect vegan diet can go well and beyond to help lead a better life.

        Avoid any and all animal products, that includes, eggs, meat, fish and even milk and honey. Stick to a completely vegan diet and make a note of the calorie intakes to improve your meal.

        For breakfast, vegans should intake cereals and soy products. A vitamin B12 supplement is a good addition. Soya milk and Vegan Spreads for Vitamin D.

        Breakfast is the starting meal of your balanced diet and whatever you do, make sure not to skip breakfast.

         For lunch, try to intake some omega-3-fats (EPA and DHA). Typically these are found in fish food but fish vegetables and certain algae are good supplements.

        Nuts, beans, pulses with certain carb-rich foods are good to pack for an ideal lunch.

        Being a Vegan does have its adversities, to cope with low protein try including lentils, chickpeas, and tofu in your dinner diet.

        Add a bit of yeast extract and fill your plate with vegetables.  Walnut and hemp oil are good sources of fat and protein for regeneration and repair. Include some plants as a source of iron.

        With Veganism gaining popularity, products like Vegan lasagna, chocolates and desserts are gaining popularity and are easy to make. Homemade vegan pizza can be a good source of veggies and taste delicious.


        Veganism Gaining Pace

        Veganism is a worthwhile movement for a noble cause. Apart from just improving our health, vegans help make the environment better and some even believe that going Vegan bought them mental stability and even recognize veganism as a path to world peace.

        Over the years, celebrities like Ellen Page, James Cromwell, Sia have turned vegan and aggressively promoted their cause.

        Even athletes like Scott Jurek, Mac Danzig and Greg Cipes who require strict diets and adequate protein intake to stay in shape have adopted vegan diets to increase their performance.

        Going Vegan can be a life-changing and we can assure you, you will love it! GO VEGAN!!
        Are You A Vegan or looking to become one, share with us your experience by leaving a comment below.

        Dry Hair Treatments To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Shiny

        Dry Hair Treatments To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Shiny

        It’s the middle of December and winter has finally arrived. The festive season is right at the door, and it’s important to get back in shape and get rid of any past health problems.

        It’s important to be presentable and feels comfortable with yourself and one of the things stopping you is dry hair. Our hair gets smashed between the dry weather in winter, and using hot tools for straightening. The hair loses moisture and deteriorates with time.

        Dry hair is a sign of bad hygiene. Unhealthy brittle hair can be annoying to deal with, fortunately, there are some things you can try to make your hair look shiny and soft again.


        1.   Dry Hair treatments - Healthy Hair Habits


        If you want to get rid of dry hair, start with some healthy hair habits. If you have fragile hair, handling it roughly will do more harm than good. It will cause the ends to split, and even lead to breaking.

        Be gentle when washing or handling your hair, hair is delicate and deserves attention. Think of hair like the most expensive you ever owned. Avoid scrubbing, pulling and wringing it.


        Shampoo less often.

        Regularly shampooing dry hair deviates the hair of its natural oils and makes it even drier and more brittle. Avoid using shampoo regularly and cut back to shampooing just twice or thrice a week. Avoid washing your hair every day. Washing your hair every day can hinder the dry hair treatment you desire.


        Let the hair dry naturally

        Your addiction to the hair dryer has to go. Using a hairdryer with your soft wet hair is never a good practice. While the initial results might look presentable, the process is extremely damaging. Opt for hair to dry naturally. You might be bored at first but will surely be rewarded with results in the future.



        Use the gentler comb and dodge the brush. A comb gently arranges your hair and leaves room for tangled hair to be freed. A brush, however, forces through the tangles ripping the hair and causing havoc. Dry hair is easily breakable, avoid breakage by combing the hair while its wet.

        You can also use a boar bristle brush. These brushes are made with natural bristles replicating your hair texture. The brush is specially made to pull hair oils from scalp to the tip of the hair strands.


        Avoid obnoxious hair treatments

        If you are truly concerned about your hair, it’s high time to stop the hair treatments. Straightening. Curling or dyeing your hair in the name of fancy hairstyles puts immense pressure on your hair.

        Even doing these once can cause long-term damage. Avoid these hair treatments to restore your hair health.


        2.   Dry Hair Treatments- Treating and taking care of Dry hair


        Applying conditioner is a great practice. A quarter or dime-sized amount of conditioner, just enough to coat the hair is recommended. Slowly massage your hair and rinse with moderately warm water.

        Your damaged hair might take a lot more than just conditioning to restore it. To get back the hair you want to try natural products and deep conditioning at least once a week.

        Home-made conditioners containing coconut or almond oils are extremely beneficial to your hair.Hair conditioning can be long and arduous, however, if you want immediate results, try a natural hair mask before shampooing your hair.

        De Paca recommends using a deep conditioner like Fekkai Essential Shea Riche Moisture Mask. Dry hair treatment with honey, avocado, and coconut oil work very well. Apply any of the masks mentioned below to get immediate results.

        2 spoons of honey
        One mashed avocado
        Beaten egg

          If your hair is extremely dry, apply a finishing oil. Argan oil, olive oil or a coating of coconut oil can keep your hair moisturized for rest of the day. Apply a small amount of oil using your fingers and focusing on the tips.


          3.   Dry Hair treatments- Growing Healthy hair

          You have followed all the rules above and restored your hair back to its full glory. Now it’s time to make sure that your hair maintains its natural beauty.

          • Massaging the scalp stimulates circulation near the roots and removes any clumps of blocked roots. This helps the hair grow better without any hindrance. Try massaging coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba into your scalp, wash it our when you are done.
          • Be careful and picky about your hair products. Commercially available brands come with huge promises but can do exactly the opposite. For example, alcohols found in styling products can make your hair dry. Sulfates in shampoo strip away the natural oils. Stick to natural hair oils
          • Our diet plays a major part in our health and appearance. Eating nutritious foods rich in vitamins, protein benefit the hair. Foods like salmon, sardines, nuts, and avocados with plenty of water can drastically improve your appearance.
          • Protect your hair from the rough weather. If you are out in the sun its best to wear a hat. In the pool, protect your hair by wearing a swim cap and the very cold weather must be greeted with a warm hat.


            Getting damaged hair is normal. Almost everyone men or women have suffered from dry hair at some point. However, it is your duty to treat your dry hair and take care of it.

            Avoid coloring or perming your hair. Using natural ingredients like avocado, shea butter, honey and coconut offer no side effects and maintain a beautiful texture.

            We hope that following the tips above you can restore and kick out any dry hair problems forever.

            Ashy Skin Treatment and Tips For This Winter - What Causes Dry Skin

            Ashy Skin Treatment and Tips For This Winter - What Causes Dry Skin


            Winter is right around the corner, and as we see the fall season moving below the horizon and get ready with our blankets, it’s important to take care of our skin as well. 

            The cold weather outside comes with its unwelcome effects on our body and more importantly our skin. Think about it, the skin is our first line of defense against the environment, it protects you against dust and germs and our surroundings.

            The draining weather makes our skin dry and susceptible to attacks. Ashy skin is a common condition during the hibernal and should not be neglected.


            What is Ashy skin?


            Ashy Skin is a synonym to dry skin. The term “ashy skin” comes from its grey whitish color which comes with a dull skin.

            The skin loses its glow and gives a chalky or flaky presentation and used in relating to people with a darker complexion and less apparent in lighter skin color.

            Ashy skin is the layer of dry skin cells that collect over your skin, mostly found on elbows, knees, lower legs and arms.

            Ashy skin is a common problem during winter when moisture gets sucked out of the atmosphere making the skin moisture deprived and drier.


            What causes Ashy Skin?


            Just like any other animal we shed dead skin cells and that are replaced by new ones from time to time. These new cells travel through the epidermis and reach the top layer of your skin.

            The new cells replace the old ones but sometimes the dry cells accumulate and we see dry ashy skin that did not go through skins natural exfoliation and forms a barrier for newer cells.

            Ashy skin is also caused by lack of moisture in the skin or a lack of water to keep it smooth and supple.

            This condition is more common in dry and arid climates and during winter when dry winds take over.

            Ashy skin can happen to everyone and is just a bit more visible to people with a darker complexion, but even if it might be a bit embarrassing it affects all races.

            In some professions like swimming, dry skin can be a major problem.

            Swimming is a very demanding sport physically and even more demanding for the skin. That is because our outer skin is protected by a layer of lipid that lubricates our skin and keeps it moisturized, however for swimmers prolonged exposure to water can cause this layer to wear off and with nothing to lubricate the skin it gets drier.


            Preventing Ashy Skin

            If you are a victim of ashy skin the best solution would be exfoliation. Use a scrub that suits your skin and not the same used by your friend as some scrubs might to too hash for your skin tone. Here are some other tips you should follow to prevent ashy skin.


            Drink plenty of water


            A frequent advice, dry skin is caused by the dehydration. Drinking adequate water every day is the perfect way to avoid dehydration and chapped lips. Drinking water hydrates your skin from inside and out and keeps it moist. Drinking other fluids like tea and coffee also serve as a good hydrant.


            Skip body lotion


            Both body lotion and body cream serve the same purpose but a body lotion contains lighter ingredients. Although a body lotion might get the job done, it eventually wears off in a couple of hours and you have to keep reapplying lotion to stay moisturized. A body cream, however, is made of heavier and more effective ingredients which prolong its effect and keeps your body hydrated for a longer time.


            Steer clear from hot showers


            After a day’s toil and sweat, a hot shower can be a rewarding experience. But a hot shower may be stripping your skin off natural lubricating oils and using a dry thing can only make things worse. To avoid dry skin, opt for warm water and use a moisturizing body wash.


            Avoid Scratching


            Dry skin around on knees and elbows can be itchy, but scratching it is not a solution and will only make matters worse. Try using a moisturizer to avoid itchiness.


            Seal your skin with Oil


            If creams fail, a body oil is an ultimate solution to all your ashy skin problems. Apply the oil directly onto your skin after a shower while skin is still damp, this will help the skin absorb the oil easily and deeply. Try applying a body cream after implementing oil to get an extra layer of protection.


            Exfoliating your skin


            Let’s discuss this a bit further. A dead layer of skin just waiting on top of your skin is not going to help your ashy skin problem. A great way to get rid of dry skin is by applying a shower gel onto your loofah and using it on your skin to peel away the dead skin cells.


            Some useful skin products


            It is important to take special care while choosing skin care products. A cheaper solution or products unsuitable for your skin can be disastrous.

            Creams like Fist Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream contains heavier emollients that work to seal moisture for a longer time.

            Use Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash after a shower to moisturize your body. If a moisturizer doesn’t satisfy your kin’s appetite try using Neutrogena Body Oil after a bath while skin is damp.

            If your skin is itchy use a mini moisturizer like Vaseline Cocoa Butter to stop the itching.

            For exfoliation, we recommend using Earth Therapeutics Super Loofah Exfoliating Mesh Sponge or a Sabon Terry Loofah Glove with a liquid shower gel.

            A humidifier like Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist can help keep the moisture level indoors optimal for your skin.


            Ashy skin is not a serious disease but it can be an annoying problem. No one like a white patch of skin on their elbow or knees, it is embarrassing and unhygienic and like dandruff, it gives an unhealthy appearance in public.

            It's best to deal with the problem early before it accumulates onto your skin and starts causing problems.

            Is Sun Tanning Good For You? Tips And Facts For A Healthy Sun Tan

            Is Sun Tanning Good For You? Tips And Facts For A Healthy Sun Tan

            With the winter approaching and temperatures dropping outside, sun tanning might seem a tempting idea. Basking in the sun on a beach with waves hitting the shores might be a great way to sidestep the winter.

            Tanning indoors can be an appealing prospect to the lazy limbs wanting to avoid the weather altogether.

            While tanning is a trendsetter in 2017 and enjoyable for Americans and Europeans alike questions still remain regarding the health hazards of exposing yourself to the Sun.

            Skin tanning, although restricted and ill-advised by medics the activity has soared in popularity over the years.

            Tanning is confusing subject, with facts and myths both buried together we try to uncover the truth from the plethora of stories on the internet and get you honest facts on the controversial topic.


            What is Sun Tanning? What types of tanning are there?


            Tanning or a tan is essentially the browning of the skin by exposing bare skin to the sun or by other artificial methods. Tanning can be categorized into a sun-tan and sunless tan.

            Sunless tan includes using beds and booths, lotions, airbrushing etc.


            Where did tanning originate from?


            In the older times when Western Europe and America economy were mostly based on farming and cultivation, tans were considered a symbol of poverty and fair skin was held in high status. 

            Whiter skin meant you could make others work for you as you stayed inside.

            This belief was shattered during the industrial revolution.  The poor and socially backward labors moved inside in factories. The middle class began to take into offices.

            Only the rich could go outside for vacations and afford to get tans and soon enough the middle class copied the look. Having a tan meant you are rich enough to take vacations.

            The idea of getting a tan has since been a fashion statement. Today people get spray tans, sun tans, facial surgeries and even more aggressive extent to dawn the darker tint.


            Is sun tanning bad for you?


            In short, YES, just ten indoor radiation sessions in two weeks is enough to destroy your cancer-fighting immune system and if that’s not enough, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause structural damage including wrinkles age spots and many more.

            In the United States over 410,000 cases of skin cancer have been blamed on tanning beds, 6000 plus of which are known to be melanoma cancer.

            Skin damage and cancer risks aside, tanorexia or addiction to tanning is a common problem for the enthusiasts. Studies have shown people addicted to tanning being more likely to suffer from anxiety and mood swings.

            Although tanning salons may advertise indoor tanning as a remedy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it is nothing more than misleading.

            UV light in tanning beds is not an element to light therapy. Light therapy requires eye contact, not UV.


            How much is sun tanning safe?

            The safe limit for sun tanning depends on the sun, it’s positioning, time of the day and intensity of sunlight all factor in. Sporadic intense exposure to the sun can be disastrous for your skin.

            Sun tanning is never safe but if you increase UV exposure over a period of time and moderate the UV radiation, the side effects can be minimized.

            Fairer skin is more sensitive to light and cannot protect itself for long. In very fair-skinned people UV radiation becomes harmful in just 5-10 minutes.


            Benefits of Sun Tanning


            It’s not all blue for the sun seekers! Some health agencies claim sun tanning and improved appearance and enhanced overall mood.

            Sun rays are a rich source of vitamin D and have been an argument and excuse for many toxins. Sunlight has been believed to elevate mood and energy levels as well.

            A report in 2007 found that over 80% adults believed tanning has improved their appearance. Sun tanning removes dirt, exfoliates clogged pores and even helps prevent acne and other skin diseases.

             Types of Skin       
            Maximum amount of time
            5 to 10 minutes
            10 to 20 minutes
            15 to 25 minutes
            20 to 30 minutes



            Sun tanning tips for fair skin- what to do, and not to do


            Despite numerous health efforts to educate the masses on the dangers of sun tanning and protection against UV rays, over 30 million people tan indoors and outdoors in the USA. While the craze keeps rising, if you are into Sun tan here are some things you can do to get the most out of your time.


            • Avoid sunbeds. While staying indoors and tanning on a sunbed might be tempting. The myth spread by salons that a sunbed can get you a healthy tan are nothing but a hoax. Virtually no UV ray can give you healthy tan without the hazards.
            • Apply the right sunscreen. Don’t just put your hopes on SPF, look for the term broad spectrum or UVA logo plus high on the bottle. We recommend using La Roche-Posay Anthelios.
            • Understand the best time to tan for you and always carry sunglasses in your sessions. Everyone’s skin has a tanning time after which skin cannot produce enough melanin (tanning pigment), so it's useless strolling around the beach or laying in front of a pool all day.
            • Taking occasional breaks from the sun will ensure your tan is healthier and longer lasting. Tan accelerating sunscreens don’t make any difference. No matter how hard you try no cream can improve melanin production in the skin.
            • Have a sun-friendly diet. There are some foods that are known to increase lycopene, skin’s SPF. Antioxidants found in red tomatoes and oranges can increase sun protection by a massive 33%. Other foods like green tea and flavonoid-rich dark chocolate are great for protecting against sunburn.
            • Sun tanning with tattoos is the worst thing that can happen to your body art. UV rays can harm your tattoo by fading it or even destroying the design. If you have a tattoo on your body make sure to cover the entire tattoo area with the highest SPF sunblock possible. Moisturize your skin after each tanning session to avoid losing bits of skin that can slowly drain tattoo ink.



            There is no doubt tanning can make your skin stand out and look better in the crowd. The temptation of sitting under the sun beside a pool is the ultimate vacation experience.

            We can’t do much on the rising popularity of beaches and sun seekers. When on a beach tanning make sure to follow the guidelines above for better experience and less harm.

            Use some popular home-made lotion ideas and take care of your skin whenever necessary. Tanning can be an amazing experience, just be a bit more careful to stay safer from the UV rays.